Sunday, November 24, 2013

On A Mission, To Bring Awareness To PTSD And MST Among Male Veterans and Military Members

Hello, and Welcome To My New Blog.  I want to take time at the onset, to Thank You, For Taking Time to Join Me. 

My Name is Gary Brents, And I am a Victim of MST , and recently diagnosed as having Extreme PTSD, as well as a host of other disorders, by the Veteran's Administration.  Which is one reason, I am opening this effort to push for Equal Treatment, and attempt to dissolve the prejudicial atmosphere, which now exists within the Veteran's Administration as well as within our Government, regarding the Rape and Sexual Assaults which are and have been since the Civil War, against Men, and have been occurring since that time to present.

I have now reached out to the Veterans Administration twice in my life, since the untimely separation from the military in 1983.  The first time, I was met with so much "Red Tape," it seemed that with the depression I was suffering from back then, that it was a mountain I could not conquer.  I walked away from the agency then, only to return again in this year to seek assistance, by urging of close friends and acquaintances.

However, I know find myself submerged in a dilemma , and the Veterans Administration located in Loma Linda, seem hell bent to over medicate me; despite my past of heavy drug addiction and my insistence of sobriety.  The last medication regiment they tried with me, sent me into a furious rage, which progressed to a point that I nearly broke a co-worker's neck in anger, over something that amounted to nothing; and the anger display was growing worse, until I just stopped taking the medications.

After much urging and consulting with a childhood friend, who is a therapist Located in the St. Louis, MO. area, I am now taking my efforts to find assistance that is competent and capable of truly helping me deal with the issues, which have haunted me for all these years.  Not only have the events of that July weekend, haunted me all these years, but have dictated much of my life with limitations, nightmares, night-sweats, flash-backs, and the whole gambit of symptoms which I had to suffer in silence with, all these years after.

Now, you know a little about me I wish to share with you also that my efforts here are to bring together victims of sexual assault, both male and female, who was assaulted while in the military and fight with them to get equal treatment and a more uniform treatment for both men and women, together and separately, with treatment plans that make sense.
I want to fight for equal respect for victims like myself, who are seeking assistance with obtaining benefits that are due, and long past due.

I wish to address and hopefully address the notions and ideas of which dictate that Men are not supposed to be victims, along with the discrimination towards male victims of sexual assault and same sex rape within the Military Ranks.

It is my goal to start up a vocal but not radical movement towards, obtaining equal rights of review which run in the same lines as War Time Veterans suffering with PTSD.  (Believe me, there is a huge disparity between the burden of proof, placed upon victims of sexual trauma.)

I am asking for you to join with me, and I will do everything in my power to post news articles, commentaries by myself as well as other activist groups, to post here and on my Hubpages, for you to keep up with.   I am asking for us to join our hands across this Great Country and to be Heard for a change.

So, if you will please subscribe to follow this post and to follow my Hubpages,  Please take time to insert your email in the signup form to the right border, and let me send you news and information about posts.  I urge you answer polls and questionnaires, to allow me to help all that can be helped in my efforts to help not only myself, but others whom have and are suffering in silence. 
This urging, is not only for you the reader; but also for your family member or friend who may be suffering in silence as well..