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All Too Often, When Things Become All To Surreal

All to often, when things become all to surreal, we all have to sit back and watch ourselves try to make sense out of what is seemingly insane, and in some cases is really something which makes no sense.   Facing tragedy and trauma, is one of those times that everything seems to be so pointless and so unimaginably crazy, that nothing makes sense about the events that cause the human mind to become traumatized.

It is almost unbearable that someone has to chase their emotions and trace the paths which they were taught as children, were taboo.  In discussions of Traumatic events, I have found even the simplest of emotion become so out of sorts and context, that It is almost difficult to articulate what is going on in my mind.  It's almost like the mind and vocabulary does not mesh with the actions of communication, and a barrier begins to build. 

I am sure anyone, whom has suffered a traumatic experience and who faces pain, at the mere thoughts of recounting the events understand what is being said here.  I am sure that there are those who read this, whom will not only identify with what is here, but has actually lived it, as I did and do daily.   The shame of it is, is that one may not be able to put a proverbial finger, on what triggers it all to cause a given emotion or recollection to come to the surface, to wreak havoc upon the victims.

Depression, Anxiety,male sexual trauma

I was consulting with a friend of mine who stated that I was not forthcoming enough, in relating my experiences with Military Sexual Assault, and the relating PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress).  I do not really feel that I am ready to face my "Demons" in a full and outright account of what happened in that hot June night.  I have not really sorted or faced my emotions in over 30 plus years. 

A Pound Of Flesh Is Taken With Each Word:

I can relate that every time I come out, to discuss Military Sexual Assault and pieces of my brutal attack, not to mention my self mutilation in the shower a day later, which lasted what seemed a life time, I just fall apart on every word that stumbles from my trembling fingers.  After my previous post, in this blog, I have had to face a portion of my attack that knocked the wind out of my sails.  It seems that a Pound of Flesh is taken with each word of my re-account of my assault.

Tears streamed while I was writing and editing the post, and I could not cry out for anything.  So, I continued writing and spewed out what fell upon the page.  After writing  of the post titled; "How Many Must Fall, Because Of Their Want to Serve?"  I got away from the computer, and was feeling ill to the stomach.  Not to easily, I made my way to the shower and took a hot, hot shower; almost as if I was in the beginning of repeating the hours in the shower, that Sunday Morning. I found myself scrubbing up again, minus the steel wool and scrubbing brush..

 Dragging myself out of the shower,   I was feeling quite overwhelmed and almost paralyzed and dizzy.  I slowly walked the kitchen and for some reason felt like a ton of bricks, had befallen upon me; Pulling me downward upon the cold, imitation marble tiled kitchen floor.

I sighed and then put my head down as far as it would go and braced my head into the palm of my hands, unaware that my dog had been watching me and that he had come over to me and started sniffing upon my hair.  I slowly looked up with tears in my eyes, and saw something that really got to my heart strings.  My dog, a Basenji Mix, had tears in is eyes as he began licking my chin and cheeks, and began to whimper.

We Have Served Longer Than We Should Have:

You see, in hindsight of that post, and in reflection of what I think I saw in my dog was something real special, but can not bring it to words; even at this point. But it gave me strength to share this story with you.    I know from my own experiences and my own life, that there has to be more people out here, that have suffered being a Sexual Assault Victim, while serving in the Military.  Not just the women who have been all too often highlighted in the news of late, but also Men who are being stuffed under the carpet and kept all but silent from the system.  And to make it worse, those whom are still suffering in silence.

It bothers me, that we whom have suffered so deeply and so significantly from our wounds, both physically and emotionally.  Wounded Veterans go home with honor, from war.  Sexual Assault Victims go home in shame and with remembrances of horror, tragedy, loss and self doubt coupled with feelings of being defeated.  Heads hung low and with no apparent voice.  IN so many cases of Male Rape and sexual assault, not only do we suffer for the duration of our lives, we remain in silence with out our voices being heard.  It seems to me, that we have served longer, than we should have to serve, and in most cases are still serving with our silence.

Now, I know the common thread of our situation is being brought out by women whom have been victims, with a slight sweeping flight over the plights of the men. Almost like a mere "Side Notation" of the matter.   It is the matter of which many surveys and many revelations about male on male sexual assault in the Military, has been discussed as being more prevalent than our sexually assaulted counter-partners.

We can change this together, but not as a "Solo-Act" in search of a positive change. But like anything, we as men need to help each other to come to some form of support, to other men who are in my position and worse, whom are also trying to scream out and make this an equal field of battle, to get programs put in practice and place; to address not only generalized topics with generalized treatments; which are also designed for war time trauma victims.  To get specialized treatment to address those things a male needs to feel complete and whole.  Just in contrast with the programs of which are typically designed for women.

Yes, I Am Asking!:

The Benefits of knowing that this is larger than myself, is what has brought me to write this blog.  Despite the anguish, the public display of shame, anxiety, frustration, heartache and not matter the amount of tears I may let down my cheeks, to find a place upon the floor; I know this is larger than just me, and I know that there are still those whom need the same amount of (if not more than) the help a growing mass of male and female victims can seek out and help.

Yes, I am asking for you to join me in my pain; as I wish to join you in yours.  Let us join as brothers and sisters, and help each other find and gain the benefits we deserve from our extended service, as well as obtaining the assistance in dealing with our wounds, so we can move forward.

Yes, I am asking for you to join me by simply following my story and my blog; and let us gather united and bound by our own prisons, to simply voice what we need as one. 

Yes, I am asking for you to show me that you believe we can make a difference by simply filling out the email form in the right border, and follow my post; and if you wish join me in the Google + circles.

Yes, I am asking for peace.. Peace not just for myself, but also for you or a loved one whom is suffering in silence. 

One Final Word:
I have poured out more than I can handle, in one day, on this blog.  I will once again retire to deal with my body's attempt to extract another "pound of flesh" from me.  I will do this, as often as I have to; to let someone else know, they are not alone.

All My Best To You And Your Family.


How Many Must Fall, Because Of Their Want To Serve?

I wonder how many of these male recruits must fall victim, to male on male rape, or MST, before the military and the Veterans Administration take it seriously and do something productive, to come to the aid of the survivors of Military Rape and Sexual Assault?

I am sure that no one wants to join the military, to offer themselves up for victimization, at the hands of not only predators, but also suffer extended consequences of reporting the matter.  I am going to try and "skirt" around the statistics of Sexual Assaults, within the ranks of every military branch, in the United States.  Why?  Well not only are they not truly accurate, but they are at best just an estimate of those instances which were reported and where action was taken. Also lumped in those statistics are the ones which are reported and then discounted, to nothing more than a false allegation.

What Is Being Forgotten? Or At Least "Brushed Over." In All Of This)

The largest amount of data that exists, on the subject of Military Sexual Abuse, and all of the "lesser Offenses" included in such charging of those who commit the abuses, is at best scantly covering this issue, but talking about it to keep the public informed of the so called "Pro-active" stance that the military is taking on less than complete or accurate information supplied by commanders and actual court marshals that have occurred.  So, I beg to question; What is being forgotten?   Well the answer, in my opinion is "MEN" are being forgotten.

Men, according to the military's own records are supposedly the more assaulted group in the military.  However, the military and advocates are really unsure of just how many men are or have been subjected to assaults and rape, during their military service.  Why? Well mainly because of the fact that men are just not reporting the assaults to their commanders, or to their health care providers for fear of not just retaliation, but also fear that they will have to live with the stigma of being a victim.  In my case, I did not report the issue until just recently out of fear from having to face the proverbial "Ghost in the Closet."

Women, Traditionally Have Always Been The Victim's Model.

Women have always been the more widely reported victim group, in as far back as I can remember.  Not, to be disrespectful of that in anyway. In today's society as well as the culture of the American Male, it has been widely hidden that sexual abuse had or has become a part of their lives.  In many instances, it is now coming to light that more males, who serve in the Military, are victims of sexual abuse across the board; even with the current numbers being known this is becoming a nightmarish fact of life, within the Military Culture.

Again, I am not trying to be disrespectful here..  Women are and always have been coveted in our society as sacred and the male tendency which has been ingrained in most men, is that no matter what we must protect women at all costs. This is, again in my opinion, what should be happening.  We should be protecting our women from such assaults.  We should be protecting them even if men find that their wives, daughters, nieces, and lady friends have fallen victim.

With all said to this point, I am personally disarmed at the lack of attention that comes, when a male suffers a similar befalling.

A Reverse Of Rolls:

Is the Culture, in which we live, so set in "Roles" and expectations that when there is a variance from those "roles" that we just turn our heads and walk away?  Well, it seems this is the case; at least in my view and perception of this particular matter.    It appears that no one wants to admit that they have been sexually abused, Not even women.  The stigma of becoming the perpetrator, or instigating the events that lead up to the assault, was our fault and that we put ourselves out there..  My lord what were we thinking?   In most cases, the answer was and is, that we were thinking and had a right to think we were in a place that we were safe. 

It is now a reversal of roles, that men must suffer the consequences of those men, who in the past have scowled at women whom had been victimized.  Regardless of what our beliefs or our up raising has taught us about protecting the women, we as men have to recognize that we can become the victims as well.  No, I must rephrase that last sentence.  We must recognize that we have also been victimized by such assaults, and hiding from this fact,  is not going to bring our sufferance to any less of a reality.

Yes, as it is being viewed by the Civil Liberties Advocates as a "Reverse Discrimination" issue, within our protected and lightly viewed world today.  Advocates for Civil Liberties have coupled with Swan, in their attempts to bring more gravity to the fact that Men are being victimized in never perceived numbers, while serving their country and are being turned away from assistance and justice, in what appears to be the same manner women were, and are being turned away from since the civil war era and probably before that time.

There Are So Many Reasons:

There are so many reasons men are not coming forward, to talk and disclose their past assaults.  I could not even begin to speak on their behalf.  I know the reasons, in part, as to why I did not come forward with my attack, when It Occurred.  In fact, the one largest reason is the threats I received early on, when I even mentioned the matter to my superiors and was told they would destroy me and any chances of a career in the military.   In one instance, that threat included my future in the civilian world as well.

I knew once I started to try to pick up the pieces, of what was left of myself, I knew nothing in my live's past, would ever be the same.  I knew that I could never truly return "Home" and expect the same level of relationships, I left behind when I enlisted in the Air Force.  I knew that was all gone, and any hopes of sharing this disgusting secret, would fade as no one would be able to understand me, or what my attackers did.  I knew that at that point, I would forever be locked in a self made prison of secrets, facades, and excuses; to lead everyone away from bringing up the subject.

So, what is your reasons for not coming forward?   I know that is sort of out of context and out of what you may have expected, from this article or commentary.   But if you are a victim, what is keeping you from at least coming forward and putting your story on record, with the Veteran's Administration, to seek what is rightfully yours?

 Shame, And What It Took From Me:

Shame is not something to take lightly, nor is it something that is not worth exploring.  I know only that up to this point, I have not received the responses for help, from the Veterans Administration, here in Corona, CA. nor Loma Linda Veterans Administration's Hospital.  So, I have not received any counsel or help from them except for their desire to medicate, medicate and to give more medication.

So, I am not really sure how to face all the emotions and "ghosts" in the closet that have been chasing me over these 30 plus years, as I suffered silently in my own prison of shame and denial.

I look back at the raising of my step children, and their children, over the years. I look back and reflect on how I handled the times, in which I saw shame cross their faces.  I look back at the advice I shared with them to help them live in a better view of the world.  I suppose that is why I am working so hard to get this blog out there and get the word out, that Men Need to Be able to express themselves in such a way, they can deal with their own shame and disgust.    I started looking back at this, only a few months ago; giving credit to an old friend of mine, who urged me to get assistance and start the healing process.

Lord I know, it is not easy!.. I am battling with emotions, I have never known and the one's I have known about, are significantly multiplied in their intensity, to a point that I am over-whelmed most of the time, and go into panic attacks and every emotional break you can imagine. (and some I could not have imagined.)

Last Words For The Day: 

In closing of this post, I have to say; this post has turned out a lot different than I intended it to.  I am however, not going to edit it or change one word or assertion of this post.  However, I am urging those men and women whom have suffered at the hands of others, to reach out and let your voice be heard.  Put it on record, and know that no one can judge you, in doing so.  I am going to urge, Men Especially, whom have been wronged by your former or current commanders, or superiors, to come out and shout to the roof tops, what you are suffering with.  They may not want to know, but they need and have to know.

For those Commanders, First Sargent's, Section Chiefs out there, listen and don't judge because of your own narrow minded views.  These folks need to be heard, even if they are a Male subordinate.

Lastly, I want everyone to take care and Thank You For Visiting.

Friday, November 29, 2013

So, Where Do We Go From Here?

Well today is the first days of the new Congressional and Presidential orders, laws and policies, which were passed for Victims of Military Sexual Abuse, Rape and how these claims are handled.  I am impressed somewhat, on the fact that some of those who were discharged under less than honorable conditions, as an overt act to keep them silent, has been opened up for review and can now be changed to honor those who otherwise would have served this Great Country Honorably.

There is some question on how long it will take to get these changes out and implemented, in my mind, however it is a  step in the right direction.

S.W.A.N.  Hits A Home Run!

sional Agenda on MST

Friday, November 29, 2013

4:22 AM

After much anticipation across the nation, President Obama signed the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) into law. In the end, it included 19 amendments to significantly reform Department of Defense sexual assault and sexual harassment policies. This landmark bill has the largest number of sexual violence provisions ever signed into law, and represents the culmination of more than 18 months worth of relentless advocacy work by the Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN).



This I have to say is good new overall, for all military and ex-military veterans, who have been victimized.  I question however, how long it will take to get resources to areas of the treatment staff, who is charged with picking up the pieces.  I am also questioning the fact that the VA is far too ineffective with the current work load, due to lack of staff whom are properly trained to handle the ongoing and continuous increase of claims, that are being brought to the surface.


It is really a question, as well, as to what and how the VA will obtain proper guidance in training their therapists and councelors on Military Sexual Assault and PTSD, since the current staff, in majority are incompetent, in my humble opinion.


Although I am upset, personally with SWAN, an acronym for Service Women's Action Group, I have to say "Good Job" on the influences you had on this landmark bill, for change.  Now, Swan did influence the new bill by introduction of several key elements, which will significantly impact the reporting and handling of claims for sexual abuse and rape, within the Military.  These policies include, but are not limited to:


  • Prohibiting the military from recruiting anyone convicted of a sex offense
  • Mandatory separation of convicted sex offenders
  • Insurance coverage for abortions in cases of rape or incest for service women and military family members
  • Retention of restricted report documentation for 50 years if so desired by the victim
  • The creation of “Special Victims Units” to improve investigation, prosecution and victim support in connection with child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault cases
  • Allowing victims to return to active duty after separation to help prosecute sex offenders
  • The creation of an independent review panel comprised of civilian and military members that will closely examine the way that the DOD investigates, prosecutes, and adjudicates sexual assaults


  • Required sexual assault prevention training in pre-command and command courses for officers
  • Improved data collection and reporting by the military on sexual assault and sexual harassment cases
  • Annual command climate assessment surveys to track individual attitudes toward sexual assault and sexual harassment
  • A review of unrestricted sexual assault reports and the nature of any subsequent separations of victims who made those reports
  • Notification to service members of the options available for the correction of military records due to any retaliatory personnel action after making a report of sexual assault or sexual harassment
  • Requirement for DOD to establish a policy for comprehensive sexual harassment prevention and response
  • Language that will allow better oversight and tracking of DOD’s implementation of sexual assault provisions from prior Defense Authorizations in order to ensure they are being enforced properly.




Now, the question that I have is how is this going to address the Discrimination placed upon male reporting of Male on Male violence, rape, or sexual trauma which is also found to include PTSD?    

Again, I applaud the efforts and accomplishments of S,W.A.N. and the hours and years that were spent, on getting this out.  However, as demonstrated to me, It appears Swan has no desire to help men, who have hit a proverbial wall looking for assistance and help in treatment or filing claims; who are being faced with "Reversed Sexual Discrimination."  (Again, My opinion.)

There a lot of good changes here, which will impact the claimant of Sexual Abuse in the Military, and ACLU has also been on board to push towards the Veterans benefit and discrimination angle of the past, being re-examined.   

I am not one for supporting the ACLU, however, in this matter, I have to say they too did a phenomenal job on getting Congress and others to recognize that there are Men out here in the world, that have suffered as well…
Again, I have to say Koodo's to S.W.A.N. and to the ALCU for all the hard work.  I can not leave this post, also without saying and throwing a mention to the survivors who testified in all the hearings.  Good Job!

Monday, November 25, 2013

So, What Is Congress Doing About Military Sexual Abuse?

Starting this blog, has been the hardest thing I have had to do.  It took a lot of soul searching and a lot of self-examination, to get what I needed together, in order to sit here and think of ways to relate my experiences to complete strangers.  But, I am doing it. And up to now, it has been a struggle on many levels, to push through my own barriers to get the word out and to try to mobilize some sort of response to Male on Male, and even Female on Male sexual Assault Victims.  But, this morning, I woke up, not with a purpose, but instead with a question;  "What is Congress and our Government Doing About Military Sexual Abuse?  

First of all, let us be more direct here.  It is not a smoothing of words to have changed the fact that Men have been being Raped, in the Military, since way back in time.  I know that there are those who may think the word "Rape" has negative connotations.  But to call it anything less, is degrading the fact that we, as victims (both men and women) have now become less "raped." Less of a victim, because now, we are "Victims of Sexual Assault."

Congress has a chronology of events, surrounding Military Sexual Assault, which is posted live on the Internet at:  Check it out if you get a chance.  If for some reason, you can not pull it up, go to google and type in the question I have titled this post with.

In this posting, you will find a brief description of various bills which affect Title 10, and are addressed under various other title designations.  If you still can not get to the site, just enter your email in the form in the right side bar of this blog and also put a comment in the comment section asking for a copy.  It is a PDF file, I downloaded; and will forward to you upon request.

In reading this, as well as other materials on the matter, I can see the disparage between the burdens we as men are facing, in our fight for equal treatment in the eyes of our Government and the Veteran's Administrative policy and attitudes.   In the reading, I noticed only scant mentions of male on male sexual assaults, and Rape.   In fact, with the readings I have done in the Congressional Chronology writing, males have only been mentioned but a few times.

Now this is not too surprising to me, and really should not to you either.  I know that in the current and former climates, males are not supposed to be suffering these attacks or viewed equally, as victims, as women are..(Absolutely No Disrespect to Women who are also Victims.)  Both Men and Women, whom have fallen victim to being raped suffer equally and in some areas one gender is suffering, while in other areas of our lives Men are suffering as well.    But, if you are a victim; you know this all too well..

However, Men are casted in what seems to be a Reverse Role in trying to become recognized as victims; much like women had a hard time being heard back in the 50's when it came to them reporting Rape and Sexual Assaults.  We men are suffering the same exclusion felt way back then; and probably further back than that time period.

Okay, enough rambling for now.  I am off to get ready for work and I will be posting more later on. I will ask you to please join me in this fight, and let's get our message out there, that we need help and are tired of living in the Shadows of Our lives, as Victims and having to suffer in Silence.
Just fill out the form to the right side of this blog, and leave a comment or two.

Thank you for visiting Me, here on this site.


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Most Sexual Assualts In The Military Occur, For Power And Control

Most Sexual assault's,  Within The Military, Is To Assert Power And Control over the Victim.

In most cases, the motive of sexual assault, is to exert Power and Control over the victim, by the predator(s) or attacker(s).   Leaving their victims in emotional devastation and completely helpless in the wake of the assault.  Like Jeremiah Arbogast suggests, Rape and sexual assault is not a gender issue, but instead a control issue.

 As stated by Jeremiah, in his admissions of attempting suicide due to his feeling of disconnection between his family and himself, as well as feeling like he was a disease and was rubbing off on the people around him, he tried to remove himself physically from the picture by shooting himself.

I am hearing and also have experienced what Jeremiah has described on many occasions in my life, and have tried three times to commit suicide, by various means, to rid myself and those whom were close to me.  I wanted to end my pain and to not have to explain to anyone why I could not get close to them, and why I had to cut emotional ties with them.

Often times, the victims will strike out and and act out in public for seemingly unknown reasons.  But if you look back at their history, you will see that these victims are acting out, to find a way to deal with some trigger, which brought them back to the actual trauma episode, itself.

Although it was first thought that the majority of victims were women, and now more than ever becoming to be found not to be true.  In fact, it is now being found that more men are and have been sexually assaulted, while serving in the Military, than their counterparts.  However, since victims have been silenced or have decided to not to come forward.. And of all the victims whom have decided, to try to have their cases brought to trial, only a small fraction of the cases brought before the Military Code For Military Justice Prosecutors agreed to take to the full level of prosecutorial efforts. 

As far as It is known to me, I found that one in three people in the military are being, or have been raped or experienced sexual assault.  Now of the half that is now being reported as being males, only half of the number given for women seeking justice, Males whom had been victimized only about 3% have been reported and only half, it is estimated, actually saw the inside of the Military Justice System.

In recent times congress has become active in addressing the matter, and the President also has jumped on the band wagon, of sorts, to address and fund assistance to male sexual trauma victims.  Although in it's infancy, the programs they are currently addressing are not adequately covering what males go through during and after an attack or unwanted sexual contact.  Most of what is happening, is to protect and serve the needs of Women.  In fact, even the Veteran's Administration lumps reported trauma victims into normal PTSD therapy, and into Rape Crisis therapy designed for women, or with Combat Veterans suffering from War Related Stress Disorders.

More often than not, when programs designed not specifically for male sexual assault victims, the man often goes through re-traumatization of the events, which will complicate his situation and further embed the feelings of being an outcast.  

Looking at Group Sessions, with other PTSD Sufferers who have experience trauma while in combat, Most Sexual Assault Victims whom are male, are degraded and bullied by their wartime counter partners; which in turn brings back the male dominance issues that sparked the actual events of the sexual assault victims who participate.  To date, Most Veteran Administration Programs, lean towards Group Therapy, with such a setting, along with heavy medications which often time will leave the victim less capable to accurately relate their experiences.

Going back to Congress' approach to date, more specifically the efforts of Senator McCaskill which is addressing sexual assault issues and possible new reforms which are being voted upon as I write this post, only goes now for the now Active Duty Personnel, and does not truly address those whom have been suffering in silence for any length of time.  In this, Sen. McCaskill is primarily addressing issues related to females whom have been assaulted and raped as well as the steps for them to pursue prosecution, as well as taking Commanders out of  the loop.   I have yet to hear, anything much related to Men whom are being or have been raped by other men, or have experienced male on male, unwanted sexual contact, while in the military.

In my humble opinion, it is a start which is being brought about by Sen. McCaskill but it is not long enough in scope to cover the male victims, whom are out of the Military and whom are still suffering in silent depths of their memories of being victimized.

On A Mission, To Bring Awareness To PTSD And MST Among Male Veterans and Military Members

Hello, and Welcome To My New Blog.  I want to take time at the onset, to Thank You, For Taking Time to Join Me. 

My Name is Gary Brents, And I am a Victim of MST , and recently diagnosed as having Extreme PTSD, as well as a host of other disorders, by the Veteran's Administration.  Which is one reason, I am opening this effort to push for Equal Treatment, and attempt to dissolve the prejudicial atmosphere, which now exists within the Veteran's Administration as well as within our Government, regarding the Rape and Sexual Assaults which are and have been since the Civil War, against Men, and have been occurring since that time to present.

I have now reached out to the Veterans Administration twice in my life, since the untimely separation from the military in 1983.  The first time, I was met with so much "Red Tape," it seemed that with the depression I was suffering from back then, that it was a mountain I could not conquer.  I walked away from the agency then, only to return again in this year to seek assistance, by urging of close friends and acquaintances.

However, I know find myself submerged in a dilemma , and the Veterans Administration located in Loma Linda, seem hell bent to over medicate me; despite my past of heavy drug addiction and my insistence of sobriety.  The last medication regiment they tried with me, sent me into a furious rage, which progressed to a point that I nearly broke a co-worker's neck in anger, over something that amounted to nothing; and the anger display was growing worse, until I just stopped taking the medications.

After much urging and consulting with a childhood friend, who is a therapist Located in the St. Louis, MO. area, I am now taking my efforts to find assistance that is competent and capable of truly helping me deal with the issues, which have haunted me for all these years.  Not only have the events of that July weekend, haunted me all these years, but have dictated much of my life with limitations, nightmares, night-sweats, flash-backs, and the whole gambit of symptoms which I had to suffer in silence with, all these years after.

Now, you know a little about me I wish to share with you also that my efforts here are to bring together victims of sexual assault, both male and female, who was assaulted while in the military and fight with them to get equal treatment and a more uniform treatment for both men and women, together and separately, with treatment plans that make sense.
I want to fight for equal respect for victims like myself, who are seeking assistance with obtaining benefits that are due, and long past due.

I wish to address and hopefully address the notions and ideas of which dictate that Men are not supposed to be victims, along with the discrimination towards male victims of sexual assault and same sex rape within the Military Ranks.

It is my goal to start up a vocal but not radical movement towards, obtaining equal rights of review which run in the same lines as War Time Veterans suffering with PTSD.  (Believe me, there is a huge disparity between the burden of proof, placed upon victims of sexual trauma.)

I am asking for you to join with me, and I will do everything in my power to post news articles, commentaries by myself as well as other activist groups, to post here and on my Hubpages, for you to keep up with.   I am asking for us to join our hands across this Great Country and to be Heard for a change.

So, if you will please subscribe to follow this post and to follow my Hubpages,  Please take time to insert your email in the signup form to the right border, and let me send you news and information about posts.  I urge you answer polls and questionnaires, to allow me to help all that can be helped in my efforts to help not only myself, but others whom have and are suffering in silence. 
This urging, is not only for you the reader; but also for your family member or friend who may be suffering in silence as well..