Sunday, November 24, 2013

Most Sexual Assualts In The Military Occur, For Power And Control

Most Sexual assault's,  Within The Military, Is To Assert Power And Control over the Victim.

In most cases, the motive of sexual assault, is to exert Power and Control over the victim, by the predator(s) or attacker(s).   Leaving their victims in emotional devastation and completely helpless in the wake of the assault.  Like Jeremiah Arbogast suggests, Rape and sexual assault is not a gender issue, but instead a control issue.

 As stated by Jeremiah, in his admissions of attempting suicide due to his feeling of disconnection between his family and himself, as well as feeling like he was a disease and was rubbing off on the people around him, he tried to remove himself physically from the picture by shooting himself.

I am hearing and also have experienced what Jeremiah has described on many occasions in my life, and have tried three times to commit suicide, by various means, to rid myself and those whom were close to me.  I wanted to end my pain and to not have to explain to anyone why I could not get close to them, and why I had to cut emotional ties with them.

Often times, the victims will strike out and and act out in public for seemingly unknown reasons.  But if you look back at their history, you will see that these victims are acting out, to find a way to deal with some trigger, which brought them back to the actual trauma episode, itself.

Although it was first thought that the majority of victims were women, and now more than ever becoming to be found not to be true.  In fact, it is now being found that more men are and have been sexually assaulted, while serving in the Military, than their counterparts.  However, since victims have been silenced or have decided to not to come forward.. And of all the victims whom have decided, to try to have their cases brought to trial, only a small fraction of the cases brought before the Military Code For Military Justice Prosecutors agreed to take to the full level of prosecutorial efforts. 

As far as It is known to me, I found that one in three people in the military are being, or have been raped or experienced sexual assault.  Now of the half that is now being reported as being males, only half of the number given for women seeking justice, Males whom had been victimized only about 3% have been reported and only half, it is estimated, actually saw the inside of the Military Justice System.

In recent times congress has become active in addressing the matter, and the President also has jumped on the band wagon, of sorts, to address and fund assistance to male sexual trauma victims.  Although in it's infancy, the programs they are currently addressing are not adequately covering what males go through during and after an attack or unwanted sexual contact.  Most of what is happening, is to protect and serve the needs of Women.  In fact, even the Veteran's Administration lumps reported trauma victims into normal PTSD therapy, and into Rape Crisis therapy designed for women, or with Combat Veterans suffering from War Related Stress Disorders.

More often than not, when programs designed not specifically for male sexual assault victims, the man often goes through re-traumatization of the events, which will complicate his situation and further embed the feelings of being an outcast.  

Looking at Group Sessions, with other PTSD Sufferers who have experience trauma while in combat, Most Sexual Assault Victims whom are male, are degraded and bullied by their wartime counter partners; which in turn brings back the male dominance issues that sparked the actual events of the sexual assault victims who participate.  To date, Most Veteran Administration Programs, lean towards Group Therapy, with such a setting, along with heavy medications which often time will leave the victim less capable to accurately relate their experiences.

Going back to Congress' approach to date, more specifically the efforts of Senator McCaskill which is addressing sexual assault issues and possible new reforms which are being voted upon as I write this post, only goes now for the now Active Duty Personnel, and does not truly address those whom have been suffering in silence for any length of time.  In this, Sen. McCaskill is primarily addressing issues related to females whom have been assaulted and raped as well as the steps for them to pursue prosecution, as well as taking Commanders out of  the loop.   I have yet to hear, anything much related to Men whom are being or have been raped by other men, or have experienced male on male, unwanted sexual contact, while in the military.

In my humble opinion, it is a start which is being brought about by Sen. McCaskill but it is not long enough in scope to cover the male victims, whom are out of the Military and whom are still suffering in silent depths of their memories of being victimized.