Monday, November 25, 2013

So, What Is Congress Doing About Military Sexual Abuse?

Starting this blog, has been the hardest thing I have had to do.  It took a lot of soul searching and a lot of self-examination, to get what I needed together, in order to sit here and think of ways to relate my experiences to complete strangers.  But, I am doing it. And up to now, it has been a struggle on many levels, to push through my own barriers to get the word out and to try to mobilize some sort of response to Male on Male, and even Female on Male sexual Assault Victims.  But, this morning, I woke up, not with a purpose, but instead with a question;  "What is Congress and our Government Doing About Military Sexual Abuse?  

First of all, let us be more direct here.  It is not a smoothing of words to have changed the fact that Men have been being Raped, in the Military, since way back in time.  I know that there are those who may think the word "Rape" has negative connotations.  But to call it anything less, is degrading the fact that we, as victims (both men and women) have now become less "raped." Less of a victim, because now, we are "Victims of Sexual Assault."

Congress has a chronology of events, surrounding Military Sexual Assault, which is posted live on the Internet at:  Check it out if you get a chance.  If for some reason, you can not pull it up, go to google and type in the question I have titled this post with.

In this posting, you will find a brief description of various bills which affect Title 10, and are addressed under various other title designations.  If you still can not get to the site, just enter your email in the form in the right side bar of this blog and also put a comment in the comment section asking for a copy.  It is a PDF file, I downloaded; and will forward to you upon request.

In reading this, as well as other materials on the matter, I can see the disparage between the burdens we as men are facing, in our fight for equal treatment in the eyes of our Government and the Veteran's Administrative policy and attitudes.   In the reading, I noticed only scant mentions of male on male sexual assaults, and Rape.   In fact, with the readings I have done in the Congressional Chronology writing, males have only been mentioned but a few times.

Now this is not too surprising to me, and really should not to you either.  I know that in the current and former climates, males are not supposed to be suffering these attacks or viewed equally, as victims, as women are..(Absolutely No Disrespect to Women who are also Victims.)  Both Men and Women, whom have fallen victim to being raped suffer equally and in some areas one gender is suffering, while in other areas of our lives Men are suffering as well.    But, if you are a victim; you know this all too well..

However, Men are casted in what seems to be a Reverse Role in trying to become recognized as victims; much like women had a hard time being heard back in the 50's when it came to them reporting Rape and Sexual Assaults.  We men are suffering the same exclusion felt way back then; and probably further back than that time period.

Okay, enough rambling for now.  I am off to get ready for work and I will be posting more later on. I will ask you to please join me in this fight, and let's get our message out there, that we need help and are tired of living in the Shadows of Our lives, as Victims and having to suffer in Silence.
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