Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hazing and Sexual Assualt In the Military

There are over 26 thousand reported cases, of Sexual Assault reported in the Military. Some are the product of or start out as "HAZING" incidents; which lead to the sexual assault.
The Department of Defense has continuously revised the numbers of sexual assault victims, due non-reporting of Sexual Assault.   As time has passed, it is estimated that there are approximately twice as many Male Victims of Military Sexual Assault, then Sexual Assaults on Women.

This is one story of an Army Specialist First Class, who went through such an Hazing event, that later turned into Sexual Assault.  (Let me warn you, it is graphic).

The reasons for non-reporting of sexual assault, depends on who you speak to.  The investigative body of the D.O.D (Department of Defense), suggests that reasoning goes to embarrassment and rejection concerns, by family and friends, as well as fellow Military Members.
 (This Video Is approx. 60 Minutes Long and has been monetized)