Saturday, September 20, 2014

Reporting Your MST to the Veteran's Administration

We gave to our country, in ways that no one should have to.. We gave our minds, body and souls; but we did not do so to become Victims!  Silence was pressed upon us, and torment was a daily fact of life after we gave what we were forced to give; which was not a part of our oath of office.

Often, our silence has destroyed our lives, even after our obligations were terminated; either by our own fulfillment of original obligations, or terminated by our superiors prematurely.   The suffering in silence, for years and even decades, losing families, friends and careers; not able to trust or connect with others.  Not able to trust even ourselves, much less others.

IT's Time It Comes To An End!  It's Time to Stand Up and Shout!

Our ghosts and demons be put on notice, that we are done dealing their intrusions and we are going to break our silence!  It is not enough for us to keep the specter of our past, lurking in the shadows; we must let them out of our minds and tell someone.  It is time for us to consider letting the system know, that we are tired of being victims and need to move our lives to survivorship, so we can live our lives and move forward in a productive and positive way.

It's Time!  Time to report our intentions to get through our pain and heal.  Haven't you suffered enough?  After 30 plus years of living like this; I am.. Come join me, come join others in reclaiming our lives.  Come report your story, to the Veteran's Administration and Demand your Freedom!  Lord knows, you deserve to be free!

Here is a link, that will take you to a VA fact sheet.. click on the highlighted letters and a link will either pop up, or the link will allow you to click on it and you will be taken to the page, that is full of information for you.  You may wish to bookmark that page for future reference, as the links are valuable, if you are going to report sexual assault which occurred during your military service.

Fact Sheet and Links about MST

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Please feel free to look through the Archives.  It may give you a better sense of what my background is, who I am, and what my intentions are by building of this blog.

I wish you good luck, and welcome to your days of recovery.  I am still working on mine.  Come join me, won't you?